Terms and Conditions

I. General Provisions
  • These terms and conditions are hereinafter referred to as the Terms and Conditions of Use.
Other definitions used in the Terms and Conditions of Use:
  • 1. User – individual using http://shlinx.online, irrespective of whether such person uploads any data (files) to the site.
  • 2. http://shlinx.online site (or the Site) – collection of web pages hosted under the http://shlinx.online domain name, consisting of the http://shlinx.online site located at the home page http://shlinx.online, in particular enabling the upload to such site of files, aimed amongst others at making such files available to other users.
  • 3. File – file uploaded to the site by a user; formats, permissible file size and other characteristics are dependent on the site’s current functionality (current data concerning this can be found at http://shlinx.online in the site functionality section).
  • 4. Account – account created by a user of http://shlinx.online. A User may use an account (functionality provided by the account) only after registering and activating the account. Account activation occurs through clicking on the activation link sent by the Zippyshare.com system in an e-mail. A User with an active account (account after registration and activation) may always, at times when Zippyshare.com is accessible, change the account password through logging in to the user account and submitting the appropriate change password request.
  • 5. User Profile – space on http://shlinx.online containing information on a user which has been voluntarily provided by said user, appropriate to the functionality available at a given time on http://shlinx.online. A user profile is only available to users with active accounts.